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Anyone else experiencing very slow response to tickets?


Anyone else experiencing very slow response to tickets?

Apparently the average closure time is 3 hours, 3 minutes and 23 seconds. However, my current ticket, which was opened 6th March took 2 days before I first got a response and after I responded to that on March 8th I have again been waiting nearly 2 days and have still not received a response.

With response times to tickets being 48 hours I am intrigued as to how it is possible for an average closure time of 3 hours?

I am wondering how PlusNet's ticket statistics are fudged..err..I mean calculated.
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Anyone else experiencing very slow response to tickets?

Significant numbers of tickets will be closed in minutes - that's now the average comes out to what it is. The tickets which take longer are usually for specific departments.
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Anyone else experiencing very slow response to tickets?

I have worked in IT support for 6 years and have a degree in econoimics, so I know how easy it is to adjust statistics. I was simply pointing out that the average closure time at the moment seems pretty much impossible.

From my last 3 tickets my average response time has been 13.35 hours and my average closure time (if my current call were closed now) would be 31.16 hours.

I'd like to see the graph of call closure because I suspect that some statistical manipulation is on there. I almost get the impression that PlusNet log wrong numbers or sales enquiries as calls so that they can manipulate the true figures of response to support tickets. Another classic option is the "accidental" logged of duplicate calls or closing/reopening of difficult calls. A further option is removal of calls which are not "caused" by PlusNet from statistics so that you can remove the long queries from the stats. Further options such as modifying time intervals for averages are brillent ways of shaving down that average so that SLAs are met...

I was really just asking if anyone else has noticed that tickets do not appear to be answered for a very long period of time or if everyone else on the forum is happy that they are receiving a swift response.

Anyone else experiencing very slow response to tickets?

Took well over a day to just get a response for my ticket and now plusnet have managed to screw up my sim provide so there's no need for me to stay with them now, has soon as i move house next week i'm switching to demon.

Anyone else experiencing very slow response to tickets?

I am also having the same problem I am now typing in CAPS and even that doesn't get a responce.

Anyone else experiencing very slow response to tickets?

Not the best way to win friends and influence people. Smiley

All caps, as I am sure you know is considered very rude and doesnt really help your case.

The CSC is under pressure and we are told that there is a back log at present.

I know that doesnt help much, but at least if you know that your not simply being ignored it may go some way towards providing a bit of understanding.

The ticket and phone response times are not good and havent been great for a while. The rash of recent issues and problems have not helped.

Will it get better? Who knows.

Anyone else experiencing very slow response to tickets?

I've notied before that my tickets take a while longer than advertised.

We use Plusnet at work, or did until this weekend, and a simple question took over 24 hours to answer on the support section there.

I know someone that used to work for an ISP in the development team and he wrote part of their support section, including the stats part that told it's customers the average waiting time for their tickets. His boss went mad when this showed ridiculously high times and made him change the code to do exactly what the OP suggests, ie making the response times look how they want and showing untrue stats.

I won't name the ISP, but I was told that by the person that developed part of their ticket system, so I know it goes on with some ISPs.
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Anyone else experiencing very slow response to tickets?

strange how these slow downs and increase in wait and call times has happened since metronet joined us....
coincidence maybe....

Anyone else experiencing very slow response to tickets?

Well I've done exactly what we've done at work, moved ISPs.

The slow down in customer service was one of the reasons my work chose a new ISP to provide our internet connections, the move took place this Friday and all went well, so now I've decided to do the same.

It's a shame. I came to Plusnet from Pipex. I was happy with Pipex ADSL but their customer service sucked and when I needed them it was a long processes that often got me little or no results, so I came to Plusnet. The customer service at Plusnet was spot on and I was very happy, but recently I've noticed it drop. Not sure the reason for it, but it's enough to make me seek another ISP and I got my MAC today.

I do like the Plusnet product, but the CS doesn't match up to the product.