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Anyone care to donate money?


Anyone care to donate money?

I suggest we pool together some cash to give to Plusnet so they can buy some phones. They clearly don't actually have any.

I've spent an hour trying to fight my way through the most ridiculous IVR in the known universe...yet to speak to a human. The worst thing is, I don't even have a technical problem. All i want to do is move my broadband over to a new address (move home). I've spoken to BT and they have given me an order number reference (starts NRS) so that the dsl can be activated on the same day as the line. "Call plusnet" she said.... the silly online form


doesn't seem to have a field for my reference, so i know what will happen. It will take a further 7-10 days AFTER my line is activated before i get the dsl working....

Its impossible to find contact numbers on this site - even the number on the whois output for points to an IVR!

At the moment i'm listening to hold music after calling 0845 1400200 then option * Wink

Plusnet, may i suggest you put a few more numbers on your site, perhaps even have a list of numbers for different departments? At very least you could publish a map of your hyper-dimensional IVR setup.