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Anybody Having Speed Probs With There 2MB Service?


Anybody Having Speed Probs With There 2MB Service?

Hi all

I have been with PN since the early 2003 with a 512mb account and then the 1mb and for the last 9 months I have been on the 2mb premier account

every now and again I did a speed test using the tool from the plus net site and always got around 1900kbps which I was very happy with

now over the last six weeks aor so I have seen my speeds slowly drop and have just done another test and I am now getting 117kbps! I admit I have never seen it this low before over the weeks I have been getting on avg about 600kbps far lower then the 1900kbps speeds I had always had

I have been reading a lot of the other posts and can see there is a lot of people not happy with the service from PN anymore and I always new that as more and more people sign up to PN the service may suffer a bit but never thought it would get this bad

anybody have any clues as what might be wrong ? ie is it all down to PN all could it be a problem my end?

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Anybody Having Speed Probs With There 2MB Service?

It's allmost certainly not all down to PN, indeed very likely nothing to do with PN tbh!
You should have seen referance to BT speed test when you were perusing the forums I imagine. So that is where you should start! Wink

I will go find the link for you brb

Here you go:-

Good luck and hope you get the problem sorted! Smiley

Oh yer welcome on the board! Wink