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Any chance of support or service?


Any chance of support or service?

Posted: 05 Oct 2006 11:16 am Post subject: Customer Support?!-Forget it


I have moved house and followed plusnet's advice on transferring my broadband to the new address from the old, looks easy enough if somewhat expensive. On the website it is stated this takes 5-7 days. Plusnet immediately began taking my premier payments but over two weeks later I still have no connection. I have used the "help assistant" and opened questions regarding my service but have had no response from "customer support" for over a week.

In frustration I tried to get an answer from the telephone help lines but no matter what option I chose I was eventually either cut off or sent back to the start again, or annoyingly, told to go back to the website. All of this during work time because of course I HAVE NO CONNECTION AT HOME!

Obviously Service Providers only survive by keeping overheads such as customer support staff at a minimum but losing all your customers due to non-existent service won't help you stay in business.

The fact that I'm wasting more of my valuable work time writing this should tell you that I am at the end of my patience and am likely to cancel my contract any time now. I would of course then seek a refund for the money I have wasted paying you for nothing this month.

I imagine nobody will repond to this and have read the standard responses from the "customer support" staff which seem to vary from "tough luck mate" to "nothing we can do". Are you even still in business?

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Any chance of support or service?

Count yourself lucky!
I signed up for a broadband connection with Plusnet on the 25th of JULY, and they still haven't provided the service to me!
As you say, tickets raised through the "help" service are ignored, and trying to call the "support line" results only in a large phone bill and no human to speak to.

I have come to the inescapable conclusion that Plusnet as a company are an absolute disgrace, and no amount of excuses about problems with DSLMax affecting customer support can excuse the way I have been treated.

Thankfully as they haven't actually succeeded in connecting me yet, I am not technically a custumer and will be looking to rescind the contract very soon.