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Another usage question

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Another usage question

Quite simply, it doesn't.

The rows aren't supposed to add up. The first row shows usage between 8am and 4pm, the second 4pm to midnight, and the third your total usage.

The total is for the whole 24 hour period and includes usage between midnight and 8am which is not covered by the first two rows.

Another usage question

My apologies if this has been asked and answered before; my only excuse is that I'm jetlagged, tired and dazed and as far as I'm aware it's 3:48am where I'm at right now. That would be Houston, Texas, to where I began travelling at 7:30am yesterday morning. I quickly checked the weather online before I left; since then, as far as I am aware, there would have been zero usage on my broadband service.

I did leave my modem and router connected, which would account for some background 'noise' presumably.

Below is a screen dump from my VMU screen taken today. 8am-4pm shows 0.03 MB, 4pm-midnight shows 0MB and I was asleep from midnight Friday until 6:30am anyways.

So how does 0.03 + 0 = 7.33MB?

I haven't been using my PN webspace for over a year, since I moved it to a full blown webhost after exceeding my allowance, so it can't be remotely connected with that!

I'm just confused, as I said, and will appreciate some explanation.



Another usage question

OK and thanks for the prompt response.

Now, I'll try to go back to sleep until a reasonable time.