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Another unusable MaxDSL connection - during peak times only


Another unusable MaxDSL connection - during peak times only

I've read a lot of posts here recently about people with unstable connections, MaxDSL needing time to settle etc. I was quite prepared to see how it goes over the next few weeks, but this is ridiculous, so any advice would be appreciated...

Previously I had a nice stable 2Mbps connection entering the house by a recently installed (by BT) ADSL faceplate and fed to the computer room by a good quality line (also recently installed by BT).

Got regraded to MaxDSL on Tuesday. A clear (dis)connection pattern has already established itself:

1. Connection is fine through the day. Yesterday I logged on at 7.00am and it synced at 8.0 Mbps and didn't drop once until I went out at 6.30pm.

2. When I returned at 11.00pm the service was unusable. Wouldn't hold sync for more than 10 seconds at a time on average. I observed the same behaviour the night before too. Connection is fine again now at 7.00am - synced at 7.4 Mbps. It seems that during the day there is no problem, yet when traffic is greater the connection just will not stay up and the service is unusable.

My exchange is NEPH and is showing green for capacity.

I use a Speedtouch 330 to connect. I was going to buy a router soon but am wary of blowing £50+ only for the problem to persist. I'm aware certain routers may hold sync better than others on a marginal line. I don't know anyone with a router I could borrow to test if this is the problem.

I can't obtain my line stats anymore. Since the regrade the Dr Speedtouch utility returns an internet connection error when running the diagnostics even though I am connected with no problem at the time.

Speedtests through the day show normal-ish 2Mbps speeds as expected for now. I can't test in the evening cos the connection won't stay up long enough...

There have been no hard/software changes recently. All that has changed is the regrade.

Can anyone help?