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Another *pointless* reply from CS!!!

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Another *pointless* reply from CS!!!

Another 24 hours passes, and another reply to my open ticket regarding potential inaccuracies in the usage reporting by the VMBU.

Yet again, the response just completely evades the core question of why my monitoring is seeing significantly lower figures than the VMBU tool reports.

The reply is just another variation of previous replies that 'the Plusnet equipment is bound to be correct' - this despite the fact that we know there are backend problems when we see usages not reset, etc.

There was one attempt to say that only the ellacoyas know about packet size and header overheads!!!! I ask you - how do people think that the ATM cells get passed across the ATM network - by magic Wink I am monitoring and logging the traffic passing through my ATM interface at byte level. This is going to be pretty accurate.

This conversation seems to be fast approaching deadlock, in which case I have no choice but to escalate it. I'm going to post the details of my findings on AG, and see what a wider audience can contribute.

A very frustrated,


Another *pointless* reply from CS!!!

I'm seeing over a GB of difference between netlimiter and the VMBU - that is not down to the difference of 1000 and 1024 MB in a GB (what a crappy excuse).
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Another *pointless* reply from CS!!!

I had an odd and pointless reply to one of my messages in the ticket I have open for a couple of queries re VMU. It was saying something about maybe getting a refund, when I've never even mentioned one as I am not out of pocket over the odd things that have happened with VMU. In fact, the whole message was so pointless and irrelevant that I replied that I didn't understand it and then I got an apologetic reply from another CS person!
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Another *pointless* reply from CS!!!

I've had similar experiences on a number of questions, from the date I was maxed to how to connect an RJ11 plugf to a BT test socket.

I have now fallen to the 1,2,3 approach to attemting to explain what I'm asking, but my last question, about connecting to the test socket using a US to BT adaptor, first I was told that it was a filter and not an adaptor, and when I pointed this fact out I was tiold to change my filters, although in the same question I said I'd not only changed all my filters, unplugged all my phones, and bought a new modem cable.

I've moved from 'we can call a BT engineer but you may have to pay.......... to 'change the filters'. Now that is really de-escalating a problem backwards!

I'd like to report the VMBU inconsistencies, as I've downloaded less but used more during the new peak time than I ever did in the old, longer peak period, only if I did I'd probably be told I'd used over 12 GB instead of the reported almost 6 GB peak. I normally used no more than 4 GB peak in a month before this 'wonderful new VMBU' was introduced, in April for me. This is my first full montn since Max and I do not believe the amount of bandwidth being reported. Plus, no way could I use over 30 MB on p2p because I haven't used it. Nor over 10 MB on gaming, because I don't do that either, or didn't until I rewalised that I'm being given gaming b/w. Last night I started playing a java game on the web, but that should be web, not gaming.