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Another one with moving home troubles

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Registered: 04-08-2007

Another one with moving home troubles


I am currently in the process of having my broadband moved to a new house and, like a lot of other people looking at these forums, its not been as smooth a transfer as it should have been.

I used the "move my adsl" option from the website and filled in the cancellation and new start date for the move. The existing line was cancelled no problems, but there are problems starting on the new line. There was an existing provider running out its 28 days notice, and the start date was set to after that was due to run out, but plusnet started the line checks early anyway which, of course, failed.

Since the previous provider's service ended (nearly two weeks ago), i have told plusnet and they said they would recheck the line, yet nothing has been done about it.

I have since added another comment to my support question asking if anyone is doing anything about it and when will the broadband be activated, and i still have had no replies.

Does anyone have any suggestions what i can do about this, as i will no doubt still be getting charged despite having no service?

The support question id no is 19805961