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Another one dons his cap


Another one dons his cap

Ok so the inevitable happened, but when i look at the figures they dont add up somewhere......... although the total figures are a fair bit higher theyre still within the sup.

Dec-Jan Peak-time : 7.06GB

Nov-Dec Peak-time : 14.91GB

Oct-Nov Peak-time : 12.03GB

Broadband Premier up to 2Mb

The Sustainable Usage Policy allows each Broadband Premier customer to use up to 100GB each month at any time OR up to 30GB during peak hours (16:00-00:00 when the network is at its busiest). This is more than enough for most customers as the current average for all customers on Broadband Premier is 11GB a month.

Also ...
If a customer falls in the first band of unsustainable usage for their product, they will receive a warning email.

What happened to the warning email? maybe i missed it but somehow saw the Your Capped email! and what am i missing or do i need a new calculator??
Oh BTW i dont use usenet but p2p i do.

Another one dons his cap


Did you also include your figures for in between 8AM and 4PM in the listing above ?

There is a temporary ( i say tis but dont preach it as plusnet have no idea when this will be removed, but they are hoping end of feb ) extension on the peak time for usenet/ftp/P2P protocols.

You also have a 20GB cap on these protocols within the peak time period.

For more info use the links in my Sig Wink


Another one dons his cap

Did recall seeing a mention of the 8am cap but buggered if i could find it when i wanted it :roll:
No, couldnt include the 8am-4pm as once the month is up seems the VMBU doesnt show that bit (great for checking!), guess it just adds it into the total somewhere?

But i still dont know what happened to the Warning email?

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Another one dons his cap

You've quoted from the SUP guide, however the management after 20GB is separate to this, please see here.