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Another day, more slow speeds ....


Another day, more slow speeds ....

Some web pages time out
Usenet unusable
e-mail very slow

and game ping times make them unplayable

The status of my usage is ....

Peak-time usage so far this month: 1.32GB
Usage so far this month: 3.72GB

this is on a premier account

and a speed test shows this ?

Downstream 1701 Kbps (212.6 KB/sec) 1837 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 242 Kbps (30.3 KB/sec) 261 Kbps (inc. overheads

So it looks like the traffic shaping system is working as intended, but only for PN, the customers can like it or lump it. This has been ongoing for several days and still no indication when it will be resolved.

Now PN have added a 8Meg option to the portal, whats the point if I get pings at 500-800 in games and time-outs trying to use usenet and e-mails ?

At this point in time, even Blueyonder looks like a better option than PN as this is not the service I signed up for or wanted.

Another day, more slow speeds ....

Same here.

I've had enough with all this throttling and limiting.

Signed up with Bulldog this morning for their UNLIMITED 8Mb service so I'll let you know how that works out once its live.

Bye Bye Plusnet
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Another day, more slow speeds ....

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