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Another 2mb line stats query for y'all


Another 2mb line stats query for y'all

I know there a lot of other people peeved about 2mb upgrades / availability at the mo but hope someone might be able to help with this. Had a new order placed for Premier in August which took 3 weeks and ended up with 1mb. Several tickets and a whoosh test later I had the following stats:

ircuit Information
Circuit In Sync
NTE In Service
NTE Power On
NTE Bypass Not Activated
MUX In Service
Upstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 17 dB
Margin 30 dB
Errored Seconds 0
HEC Errors 0
Cell Count 0
Speed 288 k
Downstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 32.5 dB
Margin 28 dB
Errored Seconds 3
HEC Errors 0
Cell Count 0
Speed 1152 k

I replied the ticket for regrade and got the following answer:

We submitted your initial order for 2Mb. BT tested the line and cancelled the order because the line quality is inadequate to support a 2Mb ADSL service.

This is not an issue where the database is out of date, unfortunately your line simply will not support a 2Mb service, therefore BT will not provide one.

There is unfortunately nothing further we can do in this instance.

Now does that sound right with those line stats or are BT being a bit on the lazy side me thinks? Our flat is on a new estate less than 2 years old and samknows said was more than capable for 2mb, and was 1.26km straight line from exchange. Any ideas? Hmph Sad[

Another 2mb line stats query for y'all

When PlusNet submit the initial order to BT, BT perform more detailled tests on the line. So while your stats are great, and well within the 2Mbit limits, there must have been something else which prevented the order going through.

Unfortunately these things just happen.

Another 2mb line stats query for y'all

Hmmm, gutted. Nevermind, might do some research with the neighbours see if they have had similar problems although they all seem a bit 'old' for major p2p and online gaming shenanigans. Thanks eurotrain.