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Announcement: Broadband Platform Update


Announcement: Broadband Platform Update

We would like to update our broadband customers about recent changes to the broadband platform and the improvements these changes have made.

In November, we changed our platform configuration to share broadband capacity amongst our customers more equally. Previously, a significant percentage of the available capacity (10%) was being utilised by a very small percentage of our customers (0.3%).

The changes to the broadband platform have successfully redistributed a large amount of broadband capacity. As a result, an additional 8.5% of the platform's capacity is now available to the vast majority of broadband customers, which will bring performance benefits - especially during busy periods.

This week we have also made significant improvements to the broadband profile designed for the 0.3% of high-utilisation customers. This is to ensure that each of these customers receives a consistent level of service at three times better than the advertised contention.

We would like to thank our customers for their help and support through these changes. Additionally, we would especially like to thank those customers that have reduced their overall usage as a result of recent communications. These changes, along with responsible use by our customers, allow us to continue to offer the best value Internet services in the UK.

For background information about these changes, please see

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