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Angry. Why?


Angry. Why?

:shock: I have been reading theses forums since I joined PN last month. I cannot understand why people get so angry so quickly if thier problems are not sorted out immediately. This mus be the consequence of instant solutions syndrome which is endemic in our modern society. Patience is a virtue as is politeness, it's amazing what can be accomplished by just being nice to people who are trying to help and not expect an instant solution.

My experience with PN has been quite good and thier help system is "helpful".

Anger gets you nowhere fast because you are always dealing with people who have feelings just like you.

I agree

I agree, people that work in customer service get an unnecessary hard time from customers, not just at PlusNet.

Many people in the field work hard to solve customers problems and don't deserve people getting angry at them, especially as their just doing their jobs.

People often forget that they want to help you as it makes their life easier too.

Before I now get flamed by the ensuing replies I'd like to point out that this is just my opinion.

Angry. Why?

Agree.....PS are very good, try dealing with Tiscali, that would make anyone angry!

Angry. Why?

On the whole, the majority of folks who post regularly on these forums hold CS in high regard.
It is important to remember that the staff we interact with are doing the best that they can, and very frequently the problems encountered by people are caused by problems which cannot be controlled by PlusNet.
Often these issues are caused by either the network infrastructure, user incompetence (mistakes), user software or user hardware.

The reasons why! Ivan


On the whole subject of why? people get angry with IT & computers and why they often dump the blame on technical support staff who are trying to help them. IT & Computing is based on mathematical logic (humans on the other hand have feelings which are often NOT at all logical but irrational).

So when a computer problem does occurr & when the user cannot fix it themsleves (people have riddiculous & unrealistic expectations of themselves and the technology) a user may end up feeling very very frustrated & dis-empowered and frankly nobody likes that experience. We hate feeling that we DONT understand the technology and so its so complicated we cannot fix it ourselves (in other words we seem to think we should for some wierd unknown reason?).

So before a user even get's close to speaking to an IT technician or engineeer they are angry becuase they already feel stupid, frustrated and dis-empowered and now to add insult to injury we have to phone up some person on a technical support helpline and ask them to help us? Add ontop of that a phone delay due to a queing system and suddenly you can see why its an emotionally volatile mixture. Technical support roles are VERY hard jobs and VERY under valued & under appreciated, VERY few people actually give the THANKS such staff deserve!! It must be a very stressful job indeed.

**YES! People expect instant fixes and expect ALL support staff to know exactly how to solve their problem in 3 nanoseconds even if the staff concerned have never heard or seen the hardware or software in question.

**Stop!! and just think about that?? Do you know just how many combinations there are of software & hardware, its mind boggling, its almost endless. Users expectations of support staff are very commonly unrealistic and thats a great deal of the time too. (for example):- Why dont you know about MY problem on MY hardware, i.e. YOU SHOULD and I'm disguisted that you DONT?? Call yourself support staff (as an example of common scenario!!).

**I've had extremely good quality technical support from Force9 support staff over many years, so I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU!! to F9 support people.


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Angry. Why?

The myriad of combinations for causes of problems is seemingly endless.
Think about the forums, where there are many more people offering help, and even so we can come to dead ends - imagine being on your own trying to help sort out every possible problem.

With regard thanks, it doesn't take much effort, and even if you don't feel particularly grateful, theres no harm in saying it Wink