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Am a lil confused......


Am a lil confused......

I have read and re-read posts regarding contention issues, traffic shaping and AUP's, oh and not forgetting the idle timeout............

So for the moment i will concentrate on the AUP. Now you state anyone downloading heavily will be warned or have their connection traffic shaped etc to improve so called performance for other users. Can you define heavy downloading........have some balls for once and tell us what that is. Basically if i download offpeak which from reading around you class as 00.00 - 07.00. I shouldn't have any problem.

Perhaps my useage goes above 100GB in theory anyway, then what? you shape my connection some more giving me a worse service? I mean i am slightly confused if not bewildered like many on this issue.

the PN comms teams as well as staff have publicly said anything in excess of 100GB a month download on the 21.99 premier product is classed as what about those customers who dont read the forums and just wanted a connection.

Even new customers dont know where they stand as it is not clear in the T&C's. Whilst admittedly it would be some sort of freak month for me to download that amount, i would like the option to be there, obviously in this case it isn't.

A few months ago you removed and backtracked on any hint of an AUP and now we are on thin ice again. I am not gonna harp on about comms errors of past or present as you have publicly stated you mucked up.

I have sat back waiting for the fall out from this and well i am slightly unimpressed at the overall handling. I have recieved my lovely lil email with the adjustments of the T&C's. make no mention of peeps being put on a different trafficing service if they download heavily. While you are now starting to clear the matter up you have stil left it out of your T&C's. You may want to advise what is excessive useage.

I am feeling more and more bewildered by all of this, it's just a shame come the end of the month i will be migrating as either way i am under no obligation to stay regardless of when the T&C's come into effect, since i am on a monthly rolling contract

The irony when i think, i was praising your services a couple of months ago and now am slightly if not more so a tad bit pee'd off at the overall treatment.

Talk about a PR disaster in waiting.......somebody will eating their words shortly methinks.

McGough OUT!

Moving the goalposts again??

Er can someone at PN explain what will be the point of my static IP. If I try to login to my home PC via VNC or some other software to get files. - only to find my connection has timed out. A lot of good that will be.
I dont suppose this has anything to do with recent price reductions. Cynical? Me?

Time to move on I think

Re: Moving the goalposts again??

:shock: :shock: :shock:

Good point. I may just get rid of the static IP then Sad

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Am a lil confused......

Er can someone at PN explain what will be the point of my static IP

If you have a Premier account you are not affected. Broadband Plus accounts dont have static ip's.
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Am a lil confused......

Don't homesurf though?

Am a lil confused......

Yes Homesurf does have a static IP.