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Am I Right Or Wrong..Please


Am I Right Or Wrong..Please

2 telephone line in my house which we will call line 1 and line 2..ok

Today i notice that i have a problem with line 1, I cannot use my adsl no matter what i try, ie ive used 2 different modems a router ive tried 2 new filters ive pluged the modem straigth into master socket etc but still will not sync,

Also today after i used line 2, and my sons premier connection to raise a ticket for plusnet to check my adsl on line 1, after useing line 2 to raise the ticket i then went to make a phone call via line 2, but ended up with no dial tone unable to call out or receive incomeing calls but adsl works fine on line 2,

So ive contacted Bt retail to check it out they did a line check on line 2 and said everything was ok, and had i tried different phone s, etc which i replied yes and still the they have arranged for a engineer to call on sunday ok fair enough,

I had ticket back asking if i had tested the adsl useing a different modem , filter , cable etc,, most of which i had allready done and put on the ticket when i raised it, so i returned the ticket telling them that i have done everything that it asks you to do on the ticket,im now awaiting a reply,

Anyway in the meantime Dthomlinson from comms answered my post ie 2 lines faulty post,


If the voice service isn't working then the obvious suspect is that BT engineer up the pole. Before we can look at the problem with the ADSL you'll need to raise the voice fault with BT Retail as the cause of that would likely also be the cause of the ADSL problem

The bt Engineer up the pole bit is because bt was working on a telephone pole a few yds up the street prio to my 2 problems,

But surely if ive got a telphone line 2 with voice problem then i unterstand that is up to BT retail to sort out,

But then if ive got a telephone line 1 with adsl problem than that is up to plusnet to check out, with BT wholesale,

I Would just like to know if im right or wrong.

Am I Right Or Wrong..Please

just wondered if anyone cares to answer me.... Cry
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Am I Right Or Wrong..Please

You are correct. However the 'man up the pole' may be the cause of both.

When the BT engineer arrives, explain what happened as you have done above and ask if he can check the wiring for both lines. I suspect 'the man up the pole' has done something or loosened or dislodged a wire which may account for both problems. It's too much of a coincedence.

I think what DaveT was trying to say is get both your voice lines checked by the engineer, get him/her to confirm both lines are working correctly for voice and only then if the ADSL is still not working raise a fault report with PN to be passed onto BTW. The BT engineer may even have a look at the ADSL fault if that is also his area of expertise - Tea and buscuits can do wonders you know Wink

The ADSL may be fixable by the BT engineer much quicker than if you went through the long BTW fault reporting process. Having 2 faults raised at the same time at the same property may ultimately confuse the issue both for PN CS and BT.


Am I Right Or Wrong..Please


Thxs for the reply

And yes i understand what you say ,now makes sense to me..
I was only concernerd because Bt retail engineer ia comeing on sunday and i thought if i had to wait till sunday before plusnet could do anything then the time factor was the worry, so thanxs again for that,

Im off down the shop to buy some nice tea dunkin biscuits, wonder what he likes, ah well ill buy a few diff pacs... Wink