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Alternative to MAXDSL


Alternative to MAXDSL

Ive been upgraded sometime ago to MAXDSL and had enough. I would like to have the old 1Mb line back but dont know what it would be called. I live in the middle of nowhere so this is the fastest the line will carry and is more stable that MAXDSL. Ever since my downgrade form 1Mb to MAXDSL's whopping 1.2mb download ive never had a stable line. I used to play games a lot and for the last months almost been unable to. Mysteriously Plusnet have ignored any cry for help when this first started. I see this just as the problem when a good company grows to large. Dont get me wrong but where so good ive signed 6 people so have 2 referral discounts. As the service has been bad for a long period, enough is enough and have already made plans for the domains hosted with pn.

Could someone please explain what I need to look for in other ISP's to make sure I dont end up in the same situation. I understand companies like ukonline (easynet), bullbog have there own equipement. Is this better? and I am asking on other forum about AOL (couldnt stand the dialup but they offer unlimited d/l).

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I download a lot somedays so also looking for >60Gb download limits but I DO NOT NEED 1Tb download, my line is only stable at 1Mb.
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Alternative to MAXDSL

Raise a question with Help Assistant>Customer Service>Feedback.

Explain fully how ADSLMax is not working for you and that you request that you be regraded back to a fixed rate 1mbps service. Add if they cannot do it you want to receive a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) so that you can move to another ISP. There are ISPs who will let you migrate to a fixed rate 1mbps service.

If you receive an unhelpful cut-and-paste reply, email the Comms team at with subject [your username/question number] and ask them to look at the ticket. Be polite, many people at Plusnet really are trying to help but they are bogged down by problems created by ADSLMax, problems of BT's making.


u guys who have been upgraded to max should count yourselfs lucky, cause most who have not been upgraded have to wait even longer now, and it is already stretching to 3 months. including myself...
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Re: max

I think you have to count yourself lucky that you have not been upgraded judging by the number of problems abounding lol :mrgreen:

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i think not :x

Alternative to MAXDSL


Im so lucky I dont want to be on if maxdsl is the only option. Not rocket science but maxdsl isnt a good option unless you next to the exchange. If like most people you want to live in a good area the stable 1 & 2Mb connections are known to be more stable.

Can someone please tell me what or who offers old 1 & 2Mb connections? what is the non maxdsl connetions known (adsl? radsl? llu?)? Ive tried asking and the reply is NO so I would like to move ISP.


Alternative to MAXDSL

It looks like there may be plenty of people wanting a switch back as ADSL Guide has put up a poll and one option is Severe problems - I'm downgrading to a fixed line speed service