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After upgrade, slow speed


After upgrade, slow speed


Before the upgrade, my speed was around 1500 KB download. After the upgrade, my speed is averaging 475 KB. It's been about 10 days now, and I haven't seen it improve (expect marginally, when it started at 425). Yet, according to my DSL Modem, it says it's connecting at 3712.

In reading some of the other forums, I ran the stable speed test from your website (, and it gave me the following results:

Your High-speed Broadband Service
Your current broadband speed is 500 Kbps

Shouldn't this number be higher? Is this something that needs to be fixed with BT?

SHould I open a ticket to have this corrected?

Thanks in advance!

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After upgrade, slow speed


Run the new BT test >link< to find what profile you have at the exchange.
Forward this info etc in a ticket to PN explaining that you have waited 10 days.
Alternataively wait a few more days before doing it. Because it can take longer than 10 days for the BRAS to change.