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Advice When Leaving [Deferred Fees]


Advice When Leaving [Deferred Fees]

Hi Community:

I'm Leaving to go to another ISP. Thing is i've read through the forum and noticed that this can be quite a difficult process.

My new service is availble on the 18th January so has anyone any tips on how to prevent any unecessary time delays and additional monthly payments? which may try to obtain by dragging out the process.

I originally raised the ticket informing them of my request on the 27th Decemeber and my monthly payments are taken from my account on the 21st of the month.

Also, seems i have some deferred payments to make, £37.60 cancellation and £20 Hardware. Thing is i can't really remember these terms when i signed up but they do appear on my account details on-line. I don't have any other record of this on any other document that i have recieved from and nothing appeared on the information i recieved when i got the hardware through.

Possible this is something i've overlooked when i signed up but that would be quite unusual for me to do this.

I joined on October 2005 and was wondering if these terms where applicable then?

Any tips or help on this matter would be really appreciated.


Advice When Leaving [Deferred Fees]

There is a page on the PN site (somewhere) that has all the Terms and Conditions with dates showing when they were in operation...

Here, in fact, at the bottom of the page:
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Advice When Leaving [Deferred Fees]

The £37.60 is not a cancellation fee as PN do not charge for cancellation or issing a MAC.

You will be required to pay the full monthly fee on the 21st Jan as that still falls within your 30 day notice period which I presume started on the 27th Dec when you requested your MAC. However, you can claim the payment for the period after the 30 day notice, but you must request this. I would fist make it clear you want your account to be downgraded to a free dialup paygo account so you can request the refund.

Did you pay for your activation when you signed up or did you go for the 'free' setup. Sounds like you are on the you stay we pay scheme which reduces the £47 BT ADSL activation fee by 20% each year. As you have been with PN for more than 1 year, that original £47 activation charge is now £37.60. The £20 for the modem will have originally been £25 reduced by 20% as with the activation fee.

Other than that, just let things progress, and make sure you tell PN when your migration is complete as BT can sometimes forget to inform PN and they would then take another months money.



PN Support.

Sorry, everyone won't be slagging off PN here cause I've had quite a good service since I've been here and continue to use them as ISP at a few of my offices.

Only thing is my wifes forced me down the talk talk route.

Thanks PN & PN community.

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Re: Thanks

Only thing is my wifes forced me down the talk talk route.

Ouch, sounds painful; I wonder though if this has been on her reading list (got to do my bit Smiley)

Not much I can add to what Peter's already said as that pretty much sums up the deferred activation/hardware options which we've been offering for about coming up towards two years now (i.e. defer the cost over 5 years or pay the fees upfront).
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Advice When Leaving [Deferred Fees]

Hi Robert ,hope you have read the Talk Talk forums Cry

Advice When Leaving [Deferred Fees]

As bad as PN is... TalkTalk sounds truly terrible. A friend recently switched to TalkTalk from another ISP and they can't even connect.

Advice When Leaving [Deferred Fees]

Yes, I am concerned about moving to talk talk. But i've been getting a bit of a nag nag from my wife.

Cause she apparently can chat chat to her friends for free. I must be ohnest, i didn't give the PN home phone a chance.

Will check out the forums and see what i'm in for.
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Advice When Leaving [Deferred Fees]

I've got 2 people on talk talk accounts at the moment. One is working ok. Speeds aren't great but it's been working ok. The other has worked for about 2 weeks in all at one day at a time since the middle of October, and still no signs of it getting fixed.


Advice When Leaving [Deferred Fees]

I know a couple of people on it and it is ok if you know what you are doing. When it works it is also considerably better value than Plusnet.