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Advanced notification - payment issue


Advanced notification - payment issue

Dear ********,

Unfortunately, due to a technical error by our card payment supplier we have not
collected a payment of £14.99 from you. We had intended to take this payment on
13th July 2006.

We therefore now intend to take this payment on or after 25 August 2006. We
recognise this is an inconvenience and would like to apologise. Your payment for
this month will not be affected and will be collected as normal.

Although the error was made by our card payment supplier, we accept that
ultimately we are responsible for the complete experience our customers receive.
We take great care in selecting appropriate suppliers and our chosen card
payment supplier is a leading provider in their industry. We have also recently
invested in an upgrade to the latest version of our payment software. These
factors make the issue particularly disappointing.

We have taken steps to prevent such an error reoccurring. Once again, please
accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,

Mark Bell
Financial Accountant, PlusNet

First thing, is there another type of accountant?

This isn't actually for my account (a referral) but I've checked their details and it looks like the payment was taken correctly in July. It also seems a bit short notice (2-3 days) to take unauthorised money from someone.

Anyone else had this?
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Advanced notification - payment issue

Have you checked if the money has actually been taken from “your” account yet?

This is not an unauthorised payment, just that it would not have been taken from the account on the normal day, so PlusNet are just notifying you that.


Advanced notification - payment issue

I'm dealing with an 85 year old so am waiting for a replacement statement. PN have asked him to 'attach' a copy of the statement assuming he's got a scanner or even knows how to do it anyway.

I suppose that's what I get 50p for.

And if any charge to a credit card is made without the agreement of the cardholder then it's unauthorised. It was authorised in July but not now. If it were a direct debit it would have to be paid back (if a complaint were made to the bank) and the fact it's on a credit card doubles the owner's protection.

PN should fix their website first (which shows the payment was taken -and still does at the time of writing) before sending another daft email (in an ever expanding daft email list) blaming someone else (their bank).