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Adsl max connection problems advice please


Adsl max connection problems advice please

Oh how I wish I still had my stable 2meg connection! since I was "upgraded" to adsl max I have suffered drop outs.
My signal to noise ratio is 6 db, (at around 8 meg) and I have been told that anything under 12 db can cause problems so could anyone confirm this please.
I have raised tickets regarding this issue. PN's response is to try interleaving which apparently makes ping times longer.
I do not want this, just a stable if slower connection as I do not download much data. (3/4 gig per month max)
Would your advice be to ask for my mac code?

Adsl max connection problems advice please

Try rebooting your router regularly (10+ times in the space of an hour), and then the equipment will assume your line has become faulty and automatically lower your speed which may cure your connection problems.

Interleaving will also increase your SNR, sometimes giving a better connection, but does increase ping times so online gaming may be affected.

Asking for a MAC code and moving to another ISP isn't really going to cure your problem unless you move to a non-DSL provider such as NTL, as it isn't PN's fault that your connection is crappy unless they've moved you to a LLU'd service.

Adsl max connection problems advice please

If you reboot that many times in a day let alone an hour interleaving will be put on your line. It would also force your line to have a minimum SNR level and if you could obtain it it would drop your speed lower and lower until such point you did have it ( or this is how I understand it ).

Some people have reported cases of having very low speeds due to interleaving whilst others have reported little affect in their speed ( bar stability ).

What router do you use by chance? I know that I have a low SNR and up until a week ago yesterday I have always had a solid connection with SNR values of 1 - 4db. But since the thunderstorm I am getting all sorts of problems.

I found the netgear routers to be very sensitive and mine kep on constantly re-training itself whilst my G604T Holds a solid connection on just 1 db.

But I definately would not advise that many reboots in 2 days let alone in the space of an hour. 4 perhaps 5 reboots in 1 day before it starts dropping your profile lower and lower (Dont hold this as fact but merely a quote from another source).


Adsl max connection problems advice please

Thank you for your replies, I tried 10 reboots in an hour before I read the second post!
This seems to have made no difference at all,my line rate is still 8128Kbps and 6 db noise margin.
I have a Belkin router at present but I have tried both Netgear and Linksys as well.
My experience has been that the Belkin, although cheaper than the others has been the best.
As regard the speed of my connection, I was perfectly happy with 2 meg as it was stable,and have asked PN to revert my line to this speed as at least it worked well, but this request seems to have fallen on deaf ears.
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Adsl max connection problems advice please

I had a request to downgrade to 2 mb accepted. I was going to be charged £14 99.
but i objected as I hadn't asked to be upgraded in the first place.PN agreed to waive the charge as a gesture of good will but when the time came to downgrade I was informed that it could not be done because of some line problem :? . At present I am getting a fairly regular 3 mb connection with intermittent disconnections. Perhaps if I wait long enough everything will be perfect :lol: