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Activation fees to drop


Activation fees to drop

From the ADSL guide:

BT Wholesale announced a £10 price reduction in the activation fee for BT IPStream and BT Datastream based products back in June 2005. In the past some providers have complained that the activation fee is a barrier to entry, to mitigate this some providers offer free or deferred payment schemes making that initial first bill smaller.

PlusNet: The two activation fees have dropped to £47 and £58.75 depending on the contract type selected. The deferred activation scheme for people who now join PlusNet will see the payback fee drop by £9.40 until year five, when nothing is owed.

Anyone thinking of signing up, take note of the new fees because you can rest assured that not all CS agents will know about this yet! (I take it this does also apply to F9 and FOL?

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Plusnet Staff
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Activation fees to drop

Yep, applies to both F9 and Free-Online. Everyone in the support team was trained on the price drop before 1st September so I would be very disappointed if no-one was aware.