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Activation Charges


Activation Charges


I just looked at my invoice and it tells me that I had to pay for an ADSL Initial Charge (Including ADSL hardware Starter Pack), which cost £28.72 + £5.03 VAT (£33.74).

I do not really understand what this is, according to the starter pack list it includes the modem, so why am I paying for this, and then if I decide to leave I have to pay for some of the starter pack again?

I thought this charge was for the month of ADSL, plus the cost for say the micro filters.

Can anyone tell me what this cost actually covers?

EDIT: Also, if I was to leave PlusNet now, would I have to pay for the modem although it has not yet been ordered?


Activation Charges

And also, would I have to pay for the activation, although it has not been activated?

Activation Charges

As per the conversation in the IRC chat.

Hardware and activation are payed upfront. They are refunded in full (with exception of delivery charges) if your activation fails.

Hardware is ordered/dispatched to attempt to arrive in accordance with your activation date. Thus the reason it is not ordered until you have your activation date.

Activation Charges

Thanks again Phillip.

Sorry for you to have to answer me on IRC etc, you've been a very good help!

I bet you wish I quit now so you don't have to answer any questions I may have in the future ^_^