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Activated within days....


Activated within days....

Last Friday(19/4/02), I decided to order broadband from plusNET, within 10 minutes I got the automatic email, and on Saturday(20/4/02) saying that "Your telephone line has been confirmed as suitable for the ADSL connection, and will be activated within days."
Also plusNet informed me that they have taken payment, but I have yet received any service from them, but I thought fine the email did say "within days".
It is now Friday again(26/4/02) and I am eager to order my ADSL hardware, but I am waiting for the magic phone call…
Could you please tell me when my line will be activated.


RE: Activated within days....

Hi I'm Trouble Ticket #4482062,

I registered for ADSL with +net on 8/4/02, my line was confirmed as ADSL upgradable on 10/4/02 and activated on 17/4/02. Hope that helps.

DONT get your hopes up though as being activated doesnt mean your problems end there. I have NEVER been able to connect to the ADSL service that I've now paid over £81 for. Oh and I get to pay another £23 on 17/4/02, but it will all be working by then.

Apparently it's been in BT's hands for 7 days now and I dont know when it will start working. +net keep appologising (which is nice) and giving me standard replies about what's happening. I assume +net dont know what BT are up to or they would surely tell me. It's been a loooooong 3 weeks!

Anyway, good luck with the connection and I hope everything works well when it is activated.

RE: Activated within days....

Me too!

I was 'activated' on the 15th April and have never been able to connect since, but I had to pay the line rental already!!!