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Account Deactivated


Account Deactivated

It would appear my account has been 'de-activated' causing our web pages on the ccgi server not to be displayed.

There is a credit card on record for the account which has not been automatically debited.

Plusnet have not contacted me to say there is a problem with the card OR that the account has been deactivated.

This is extremely frustrating.

I have reactivated the account from the portal and the following comment has been created:

"User has used portal reactivation. The outstanding amount (0.00) is not equal to the normal account payment (11.74)"

Meantime our website is still not working. We are trying to run a business.

I have submitted a support ticket which I am informed will take 9 hours to respond to and also spent an hour on hold trying to speak to customer service. It comes as little surprise that I can get throught to plus net sales within 2 minutes.

We have been with plusnet for 6 years and it appears the levels of performance and customer service are disappearing down the drain.