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Accessing personal PN webspace


Accessing personal PN webspace

Hi guys, im having problems FTPing to the PN server. I managed to upload some of my stuff few days back but over last few days i have been getting the error below. Has anyone else been having this problem?

Address lookup of " " failed. It may be misspelled, or your computer may not be connected to the network or Internet.
Also check that your DNS and local name servers are properly configured and responding.

I am using WS_FTP Pro with the following data

Username: ahmedali007
Password: My password

FTP Probs Replying Ivan

Hello ahmedali007,

OK a couple of ideas come to mind, firstly it could just be a simple problem with your local machine and the host file which helps to resolve the FTP server name. (or inother words your DNS name resolution process/service on your computer might be failing) There are x2 things you can try if this is the case, a) a quick reboot will refresh the DNS resolver cache or b) open a DOS or command window and at the prompt type ipconfig /flushdns this should do the same as a) without the reboot but either way both should work and after that try FTPing again, see if that clears or fixes the problem.

**I was my self able to ping the FTP server so I know its still running OK.

**You could try entering the FTP servers IP address rather than try the IP see if that makes any difference its worth a try.

**If all else fails you could try a different FTP client program such as the excellent coreftplite version 1.3 (freeware) URL is

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Accessing personal PN webspace


Thanks for that Ivan
I just used the IP address you suggested
All seems fine now