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Abusing customer trust


Abusing customer trust

All these AUP SUP changes and downright abuse of current users is all for the implimentation of free VOIP.

The underhand way is was sent out, disguising the email as an "idle time out issue" but adding additional comments. Is nothing but deceitful.

I didn't receive the e-mail, but because they *recorded* it in the portal they insist that they have. They cannot guarantee that I have received it, or read it, but still try to hold me to it. What court of law will uphold that type of contract change? I have sought advice, in Scotland, and they have advised me to pay up if I want out, but persue them in the small claims court for breach of contract. Which I intend to do. I advise you to seek advise too, should you want away from these devious *ferkers*.

Plusnets infrastructure is obviously on a knife edge if they have to bully USENET users off their service to introduce this service.

Why should my d/l limit be throttled when my useage ranges between 7-10Gb? This is well below their 15Gb threshold.

Plusnet are being underhand and deceitful in their implementation of their policies. YOU ARE NOT BEING TOLD THE TRUTH.
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Abusing customer trust

There are already plenty of topics discussing these issues. Openning another only adds to the confusion.