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ASDL usa sites down ?


ASDL usa sites down ?


27/07/2005 @ 02:02 Connectivity Problems to the USA - Resolved
After investigation by our Networks team the problem, originally thought to be a level three issue seemed to be a BT peering issue.

Our Network Engineers reset the peering with BT and the issue appeared to be resolved. At this time they cannot confirm if their actions resolved this issue or if it was noticed and rectifed elsewhere.

We will post a further update if any further relevant information becomes available but all connectivity now seems normal including and MSN/yahoo messenger services.

Kind Regards,

Richard Mason

I Have just started having problems conecting to some sites, mainly in the us, but it says this problem has been resolved :?:

Has anyone else had problems conecting, this started about 30 min's ago, I have reset my conection and the pc

ASDL usa sites down ?

No issues here,

What sites are you having difficulty with?

ASDL usa sites down ?

Mainly sites like this

I'M confused, I thought it was usa sites but eve online is as far as I know in the uk
Maybe its just a small problem that will sort its self out.
Ill wait a few hours, see if that helps Smiley
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ASDL usa sites down ?

I can't get to at all, and is extremely slow from a non-PlusNet connection, so I think the problems maybe closer to the sites.


ASDL usa sites down ?

I've had problems all morning (have had the other 60 odd users on my lan) accessing all manner of sites this morning. Sites affected include:

Google Mail
BBC News
Plus Net Portal (believe it or not !!!)
Windows Update
The Register
eBay was loading very slow (lost css hooks, badly formatted pages)
eBuyer too, although their server is steam powered anyways...

I've also been trying to download 4 ISO images of a Linux disty for a new apache box I'm building for work to put Wiki on - I lost count how many mirrors I hit before finally getting one to squirt down the 2.5gigs worth of iso files...

ASDL usa sites down ?

At the moment I seem to have no problems, maybe the gremlins are on lunch brake Cheesy
It all seems ok my end for now Cool