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ADSLMAX how does it work?

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ADSLMAX how does it work?

The stats show my line is good for 6.5 to 8 meg and this is determined over a period of 7 to 10 days. How does this work? Are you connected at the highest speed first to see if that is stable or the slowest? Are you disconnected each time a new speed is tested?

Not a lot of information been given about this as far as I can see.
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ADSLMAX how does it work?

The line will be provided at upto 8MB, the actual speed you receive will be determined by the maximum stable rate the line can support.

The line will sync at the highest speed it can initially but if this proves unstable the line speed will decrease by half MB until it can provide a stable connection.

This will be determined within the first 10 days of your connection on Max DSL.

ADSLMAX how does it work?

Hi George,

For further info and a bit of light reading (courtesy of Andrew from AG) see This article.

Hope that quenches the thirst for knowledge. Smiley