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ADSL sync dropping


ADSL sync dropping

It seems that I am not alone with sync problems and Plusnet. Over the last couple of months (after several months with no problem at all), every couple of days, sync disappears for anything from hours to days and then comes on again. I have raised tickets with support and the attenuation tests show a good noise figures (24db upstream 42db downstream). I have changed the ADSL router, bought new Microfilters. As a last resort, I have asked BT to replace cabling from incoming box to extensions. Any other ideas to figure out why the sync comes and goes. I have several neighbours using competing ISP's and they havent experienced one sync loss in all the time i have had problems.
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ADSL sync dropping

Loss of sync is not a problem at the Plusnet end of your connection but a problem between you and your local BT exchange.
However as Plusnet are the supplier of your ADSL it is up to them to persue BT and get this sorted for you.
You will have to persist and keep pushing them to get this problem cleared.

ADSL sync dropping

However as Plusnet are the supplier of your ADSL it is up to them to persue BT and get this sorted for you.

I like this answer, John. Has this always been the party line?


Please keep the pressure up

Plusnet - whatever you have to do, please keep the pressure up on BT to resolve this problem. I have been on Plusnet for 2 years with no problems at all, but in the last 2 weeks I have been plagued with constant sync problems. I have not changed any of my hardware or installed any software of note recently so I am certain the problem is at the exchange. When it works I get my full 512k quota - fantastic. I've also read in your guides that if you get BT to look into it they will charge you £50 for the call out, hence the need for a push from Plusnet.

Is there anychance these problems are due to the move towards maxDSL (have I got that right?) and any line testing or engineering work it may involve

Any one else got similar problems or thoughts?

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ADSL sync dropping

Do you use a router or USB Modem? Some USB modems can cause sync problems if there isn't enough capacity or bandwidth available at the USB port.

If using a router, does it show your line stats? If so, copy them here. You're looking for Line Loss or Attenuation and also SNR or Noise Margin.
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ADSL sync dropping

if your problem persists then I would contact support and raise this as an intermittent issue as opposed to a complete loss of sync. There is no open fault ticket on you account so no action will be taken at present. Last time we wooshed your line it was in sync however the ADSL light on your modem was flashing. This strongly suggested a hardware fault however, if the situation is no better after changing the hardware, you need to raise it with us again.

You do not appear to have raised a ticket or contacted us about this issue. This is not a widespread problem and needs to be addressed on an indicvidual basis. Raise a ticket or contact support as soon as you get the chance.


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