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ADSL problem in Oldham MROLD exchange


ADSL problem in Oldham MROLD exchange

Posting of behalf of a friend I recommeded to F9. He had BT broadband for a long while but migrated to f9 a month or so ago. All was well for a while. BUT now his broadband is unusable.

I haven't actually been round his house to try and figure out what is wrong but these are the symptoms:

Lots of disconnects.
Slow speed when connected.
Modem Router won't connect at all (the modem connects, syncs I think but pppoATM fails to connect) (It used to connect just fine before, and he tried a new one)
USB modem will connect (just about, see lots of disconnects and slow speed)

F9 said they won't do anything until he runs the BT speed checker, but he can't run the BT speed checker as it throws up an error "contact your ISP if this keeps happening" kind of thing.

F9 don't seem to be being too helpful, but perhaps he hasn't been clear enough?

The odd thing is I don't think it is a line sync problem as the USB and router modem doesn't seem to retrain (from what he says) eg the DSL/Line light stays on ok on the usb modem. I think the problem could be at the pppoATM level. If you remember a while back lots of customers got random disconnects at the pppoATM level at busy peak times (I was one of them) until F9 implemented some kind of fix on their ATM routers to from BT wholesale (some kind of timing/priority issue). I think my friends problem sounds simmilar.

I've looked around the net and there appears to be a bit of chatter about the oldham exchange. However, MROLD but the ADSLguide and usertools exchange checker shows green.

When he was connected I did some ping tests with 1100 packet size (just below the MTU which I think was set to 1200 on his PC (used the don't fragment bit to find this out) and got about 30% packet loss. Got him to ping the f9 servers from his end and again he got about 30% packet loss and the whole thing did disconnect several times during the hour or so we were looking at it together. Small packet pings were ok. Not really sure if it is a line sync problem or some other customer specific or exchange specific problem? Could be a dodgy DSLAM at the exchange. He reports that a local shops ADSL was broken for ages with simmilar problems, so perhaps the exchage is broke?

Of course it could be a line problem for his line.

Anyone out there on the MROLD (manchester oldham exchange) is your F9 broadband ok, or anyone heard of any other problems in that area?

ADSL problem in Oldham MROLD exchange

you now state his broadband is unstable

have you checked to see if his exchange has been upgraded recently - nearly every exchange will now be ADSL MAX compatibile and depending on the router or modem you are using may be why you can't connect.

Most old modems/routers will not work or sync-up correctly with the configuration and may need a firmware upgrade.

My advice is to check your equipment is on the latest firmware and it supports ADSL2 - if it isn't or doesn't check if you can get a firmware for it to support the new system, otherwise it will look like you may need to buy new equipment.


ADSL problem in Oldham MROLD exchange

See this:

What is Max ADSL?
Max ADSL is a type of ADSL, providing a downstream speed of up to 8 Mbps. At the same time, it provides an upstream speed of up to 832 Kbps (448 Kbps for home packages). This technology was rolled out to the majority of exchanges in April 2006. Whereas with standard ADSL connections, where you usually sign up to a particular speed, eg 512k, 1Mb or 2Mb, Max ADSL will be a variable connection speed. This means that you sign up to an "up to 8 Mbps" service - and the length / quality of your phone line will determine how much speed you actually receive.

What is ADSL2+?
ADSL2+ is another type of ADSL, this time providing speeds of up to 24 Mbps. Max ADSL can only provide speeds of up to 8Mbps, thus to obtain anything faster, ADSL2+ is the only way to go. The ADSL2+ service is not currently available in the UK through BT's network, although some ISPs are starting to offer ADSL2+ speeds of up to 24 Mbps over their own network (Be, UK Online etc).

So, nope, you don't need an ADSL2 modem for Max ADSL as Max ADSL is NOT an ADSL2 connection.

ADSL problem in Oldham MROLD exchange

yes I made an error on the post, my apoligies.

I still would say has the exchange been upgraded yet, and something gone wrong, you may even have a stale connection which could be causing the problem, and thus preventing you from connecting. F9 should be able to check this for you, as I had a similar issue last year with my connection constantly dropping and it turned out to be that there was a stale connection which was showing me being connected for ages.

One way to try to disprove this is to unplug modem/router from the telephone socket and switch it off for about 30mins or more and then reconnect. this should give the time for the connection to be reset.

if not only other thing to try is to ring bt and say you have problems on line with voice calls, don't mention anything to do with your adsl otherwise they won't look into it for you.


ADSL problem in Oldham MROLD exchange

thanks for your input, my friend tells me that F9 have escalated the fault to BT. So it sounds like a line or exchange problem.
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ADSL problem in Oldham MROLD exchange

Welcome to the club :/

I've had no ADSL since 00:00am Friday 31 March

I'm still waiting for F9/BT to sort it out.

ADSL 2+ router, latest firmware, exchange is active = 0(Zero) Mbps!!!

Router cannot negotiate and cannot hear anything on the line.