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ADSL down time


ADSL down time

Hi there: No doubt the question of comp or free dial up will rear it's head again so here's a suggestion.

What about increasing the ADSL subscription by £1.00 per month so that when the service goes tits up we can dial in for free. Would this be a viable option even if you were restricted to say 1 to 2 hours per day.

No doubt i will get some serious stick for this idea but what the hell at least it would be something. How about it +net is it worth having a look at the numbers and what do the rest of you on ADSL think.
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ADSL down time

HI Reset,

Unfortunately this isn't really viable. I did some rough calculations and worked out it would have to be more like an extra £11 a month in order to provide anything like a usable service when there was an ADSL outage. (We would have to buy in a lot of spare capacity to cope with the sudden demand).

It is a nice idea though, and if BT ever give us something which allows "Pay as you go" port management, rather than fixed cost ports at £100 a month with a 3 year minimum contract, then this is perhaps something we can look at.

We have, for some time now, been considering somthing similiar though - A chargable extra which included 0808 backup and subscription to the BT "TotalCare" product, (which gives a better fault resolution SLA). That would likely come in at an additional £15 - £20 a month mark, so would only really be useful for businesses who really relied on their ADSL and need a 24/7 backup if it ever goes down. I'd would certainly be interested to know if there would be more widespread demand for something like that?

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ADSL down time

If I may but in here! I for one having experienced - on one ocassion last year £12 extra in DUN charges .

Then this year and last - "have you tried unplugging your PCI or swapping one with a friend, moving your PC downstairs so you can connect direct to the primary BT socket, removing, re-installing your drivers, downloading new drivers etc etc" I am at present a reasonably mobile 63 year old - but as my joints... Put it this way - Is ADSL going to improve and perhaps one day be "reliable" so I don't have to wade through all that cr@p!

If it meant I could have a more robust "always on" connection without having to jump through hoops to get anything done about it; without it being assumed that the fault resides in my PC unless I can put up a very good case to suggest it might be an exchange problem - like unplugging and reinserting the DSLAM. With a sting in the tail - that if it is an intermittent fault like mine that BT may come back and say there is no fault and charge me £100.

Then yes even though it is not a life and death situation - I could save myself a great deal of time and energy if I paid someone else to back up my service.

Even while I have been typing this my ADSL connection has gone down many times!! Ding, ding, ding, ding... ding... ... ding - like Chinese torture!
:x :x :x

I finally had a solid connection after nearly an hour this time.