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ADSL availability checker


ADSL availability checker

why does this not work ? i typed the phone number and post code of a remote scottish island ... and it wants me to apply. I tested this because i was invited in a previous post to apply even though i know i cannot get ADSL. Tut Tut you wouldnt be defaulting the checker to say yes, getting people to apply then refusing them and then waiting a month or so to refund their money Huh Therefore improving your cash flow ?? :-)


RE: ADSL availability checker

Good Morning,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The checker defaults to approving availablity if it doesn't get an answer from BTs check tool (the one from BT Ignite, not Openworld), the link of which has moved again.

I've raised a problem internally to re-point the availability checker to BTs check tool.

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