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ADSL Line Capability


ADSL Line Capability

Here is a puzzle for everyone.....

The exchange I am on now was enabled in July, so I moved my existing PN ADSL account from my previous address to my new home.

The product I have with PN is the Home Worker Pro up to 2Mb.

My ADSL is yet to be confirmed by BT but I have had the service for the past couple of days. Both the router and WinXP are reporting I am connected at 2Mb, however it appears my connection is running at 512K.

The stats from my router (Dlink DSL-504) are indicating that I ought not to be getting 2Mb:

Downstream Upstream
Line Status ADSL Link Speed 2272 kbps 288 kbps
SNR 2.5 dB 0.0 dB
ATEN 57 dB 31 dB
Line Error ADSL layer FEC 0 42
CRC 58750 57
ATM layer HEC 22922 56
Frame Counter 7525256 7628195

I'm guessing the line is capable of 2Mb but with the figures shown I'm only getting 512k. BTW I am within 3.5Km from the exchange and on a new line.

Has anyone any ideas about this?


ADSL Line Capability

Plus net may be throttling your connection to 512 because BT havent told them your line has been upgraded yet. Give them a ring on 0845 1400200 and explain the situation. If they can they will lift the throttle.

ADSL Line Capability

As mentioned above you may be being throttled at the moment, however, your SNR values seem way too low, you quote 0.0 dB upstream which means that the system can't distinguish between signal and noise :shock: , your downstream value seems very low as well. Also, I think BT state that the line loss that 2Mb can operate at is 43dB (or thereabouts) and you say your router shows 57dB downstream which is a fair bit lower (31dB upstream seems ok), so maybe all your circuit can cope with is 512kb.

Just because it is a new line does not mean that BT have set it up properly Sad

To give you an idea my router (D-Link DSL-G604T) shows the following:

D'stream U'stream
SNR 31 24 dB
Line 25 26 dB

speed 2272 288 kbs

I am on 2Mb Premium



....following on

Thanks for the replies guys

I have downloaded a utility for my DSL-504 which shows different values from that shown in the inet explorer config for the router


Speed 2272kbps
Attentuation 57db
Output Power 10dbm
SNR 7db


Speed 288kbps
Attentuation 31db
Output Power 16dbm
SNR 19db

I did notice something weird last night with my router which I changed. In that it was successfully connected as PPPoA LLC not VCMux. Initally changing it to VCMux I had connection troubles but its now ok.

As yet I have had no response from Customer Services to the contact us ticket I placed at approx 6pm yesterday,so I can only assume they are scratching their heads. Either that or BT are......

Any guidance would be appreciated.

ADSL Line Capability

Your SNR seem a LITTLE better, 7dB is still pretty dire but better than you posted for downstream last night, upstream is showing a reasonable margin, although again more would be better.

Your still show downstream attenuation as 57dB which is a lot lower than that expected for a stable 2Mb link.

I have heard of people who have managed 2Mb with this level of attenuation but their SNR has been very good which goes some way to balancing it out.

How confident are you with the values you are getting from your router?
If you think they are about right you should be looking at testing your local set-up to make sure there is nothing wrong, there are some good tutorials in the stickies for detail.

If you want PM me and I'll help any way I can (that's probably not very much :lol: )