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ADSL Connection Dropping??

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ADSL Connection Dropping??

There have been quite a few posts recently from new customers (and some longer term ones) stating that they are experiencing constant dropping of their ADSL connections.

Before you contact PlusNet support to initiate checks on your line it is always worth doing a little bit of checking yourself first.
This is because PlusNet can't pass the fault on to BT without a you having supplied the answers to a set of questions and tests. (see information here)
Also it is in your own interest to eliminate the possibility of the fault being on your own premises, either equipment or internal wiring, as BT will raise a charge that you will have to pay if this is the case.

So what can you do yourself before raising a link:Contact us ticket.

1. Read the Tutorials and FAQ section of the forum on ADSL Trouble shooting and work through the checks in there.

2. Read the Wiring and filters section of the Tutorials and check that your internal wiring etc is correct.

If possiible try and borrow a modem or router from a friend / relative to prove that its not your own kit that is faulty.

Once you have ascertained that there is no fault on your own equipment or wiring then you can safely raise a link:Contact us ticket for PlusNet to investigate further, and you will already have many of the answers to the stock questions that are required to be passed to BT.