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ADSL Basic - badly thought out and implemented?


ADSL Basic - badly thought out and implemented?

I have to chuckle;

If you sign up for the Basic package at 9.99 per mth, you don't get any e-mail addresses included; you can pay a bit extra to get e-mail and webspace if you want.

A couple of things occur to me on this one, so bear with me a little.

Firstly, on standard packages, we are told that webspace and email are free extras, hence there is no guarantee that they will work/won't get deleted etc. What is different about the platform which webspace and emails are stored on for Basic customers opting for the email/webspace bundle? Clearly it has to be better than the 'free' or 'added benefit' stuff the rest of us get, since its a product in its own right?

Secondly, supposing that somebody on a basic package want's emails, but not webspace, surely they are better off just setting up a free dialup account, and using the email addresses included with that? (unless they need the extra resilience which must be included with the webspace/email bundle? Wink )

Thirdly, how can it make economic sense for PN to give free email to dial-up accounts, but not to a sub's based account such as Basic? I know the argument is that to maintain margin on the Basic account, they aren't including email addresses, but ANBODY can have FREE PN addresses if they want, be they customers, ex-customers or not customers at all.

Further to that, if you sign up for a Basic account, during the sign-up process, there is no option to add somebody as a referee, a request to manually associate the account with your own is met with indifference, since as part of the process, it adds ukonlinestore as the referee, and CS staff refuse to change it. (I have a ticket open on this already, which I'm sure will be resolved to my satisfaction within a matter of hours. :lol: )

ADSL Basic - badly thought out and implemented?

I have to laugh!

Seems that at some point within the last 90 days, an errant cookie has stored ittself in my browser.

Thankfully PN have been sensible enough to use the value supplied by the cookie as the referral username, and not give any option to change it.

I noticed the username on the confirmation page, but having had referrals linked manually to my account in the past where folks (Mum) had omitted to enter my name, I continued with the order.
For some reason, I thought it would be much easier to drop a line to CS to get them to change it over, rather than abandon the order, delete the cookie, and start again.

So message to PN from the new account last night, followed by an e-mail to Comms this morning. Two folks have now confirmed that I cannot receive a referral fee for adding further business to PN.

(No prizes for guessing which idiot will be providing first line support between the new customer and PN CSC)

What a fool I am. Shockedops:

ADSL Basic - badly thought out and implemented?

James, you are a moderator now, your are not allowed to moan!! :lol: jk

But seriously, I dont get the idea of the basic bb package. not even 500Mb of bandwidth. My mum doesnt use the net that much, but ive even told her that the basic broadband package is just too well beneath her.

As for the deal with the email addresses...that will make some interesting reading Smiley
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ADSL Basic - badly thought out and implemented?

By the way, Broadband Basic does not have a referral value.

ADSL Basic - badly thought out and implemented?

What happens if the silver surfer in question gets into the internet, and decides to upgrade his package though - I lose out.
The question of having the referral added to my account is completely seperate to the issue of how much I earn now.

I would be just as keen to have the referral noted if the account was a dial up one, also with no referral value.
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ADSL Basic - badly thought out and implemented?

Isn't the BT port cost something like £8.40 per user? I seem to remember it being that (unless the figure has changed recently).

It begs the question of how the hell are PlusNet making money on this. Of course they banking on the fact with the allowance being so small, that people are going to use more than that pushing the cost up.

IMHO it seems to be a marketing ploy, designed to put the monthly cost as small as possible and to make the figures look good, both on their website and elsewhere. I can imagine a press release from PlusNet "PlusNet a leading UK ISP which offers broadband internet from £9.99 a month .... blah blah".

Well - the marketing looks good compared to other ISP's doesn't it?
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ADSL Basic - badly thought out and implemented?

Perhaps Lee Strafford should talk more with his Management Accountant and less to Marco from Marketing. It may sound tedious and unexciting (and marketing heresy), but - for a change - it would be nice if PN (and, as far as I can see, all the its large major competitors) could put together product offerings which were strictly based on the cost of providing them and not on marketing and promotional waffle.
When on this soapbox in a previous post, I said I wanted capacity-based charging and not to encounter sudden discontinuities in the price card ("you want more than 100MB webspace? you need to be on a different product"; wrong – I want to move smoothly up and down a cost curve for each major element of capacity I use). If I were PN, I would then ensure that these curves (and they should be curves, not straight lines) directly reflected the total variable and fixed (not marginal variable) costs of providing this capacity. And I would publish the tariff curves on PN's website. And if I subsequently wanted some new facility – one which is separately priced (and whose cost includes interfacing into my existing platform and service), then it just goes on the bill. There is nothing wrong with creating bundles of sub-products (freebie PAYG; Basic;..) and branding them ("SuperDuperNet Home PAYG with Grade B support" etc) but these should correctly reflect the underlying cost curves. And creating bundles should not take away my ability to specify exactly the service I want at a particular price point.
It is reasonable to put (high) upper limit capacity checks in place to prevent a user inadvertently on occasion swamping the infrastructure, but - that apart - if I want to use an extra large dollop of P2P capacity and the cost curve says that this is provided at a 'premium' price, then provided I have agreed to this tariff in advance (which assumes that suitable capacity is in place), so be it: I get a whacking great bill and PN get my money.
I have made a conscious decision, and PN get cost-related revenue. We're all happy.
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ADSL Basic - badly thought out and implemented?

But seriously, I dont get the idea of the basic bb package.

The idea is quite simple really:
Pay PlusNet £9.99 per month for a broadband connection plus whatever bandwidth you use above 450Mb and then pay somebody else for a reliable email/web hosting service Cheesy

This arrangement suits me down to the ground as I'm a very light user but naturally, it wouldn't suit everybody.

Oh, and I'm saving money as well Cool