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A week down the Line still .......115000 Down 28800UP


A week down the Line still .......115000 Down 28800UP

Why have i not had an upgrade my next door neighbour has and i recommended him to before you say ive added my name to the lists for the last 2 months now still no upgrade....ive recommended loads of friends and family and they ve all had upgrade


A week down the Line still .......115000 Down 28800UP

You may want to read this announcement:-

All i can say is that takes the P**S!!

I tell you what if it took me 8 weeks to respond to a customer of mine or to provide a service that youve requested for the last 6 mnths ,,,,,,,

id go out of business

Im never recommending anyone again.....

the 7 people ive put on plusnet will also be coming with me
as im now gonna switch ISPs as ive had enuff

The only people that respond to anything on these forums are other users

If anyone from plusnet reads this can they email me please
(I wont hold my breath) as youve said you are that busy an inundated with work on the upgrades that you will ignore your loyal customers......... :x