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A tale of 'Up to 8Mb'


A tale of 'Up to 8Mb'

I was recently upgraded to 'Up to 8Mb' and despite following the advice on the Advanced Guide I am not getting anything like the data transfer rate I should after the initial 10 day period.

Since then I have opened a number of tickets with PlusNet all of which were closed without any resolution of the problem. Clearly this is simply to improve PlusNet stats when everyone knows the real truth about the atrocious service PlusNet customers are getting

I am using a Netgear DG834G which syncs at 8.1Mb and is plugged into the master socket. According to the online tool I should have Data Transfer Rate of 8Mb but I am getting about 2.5-3Mb

From the router:

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 8128 kbps 448 kbps
Line Attenuation 26 db 6.5 db
Noise Margin 7 db 26 db

Firmware Version V2.10.22

Here is the story so far:

I first left a voicemail message for PlusNet to call and not had a reply. This is probably because I did not leave the ridiculous list of 10 items of information when all I should have to leave as a PlusNet customer is a number.

I then tried to use the PlusNet Broadband Fault Checker but got as far as 'Please enter a valid Daytime/Evening telephone number' even though both numbers were valid!

PlusNet closed the ticket.

Yesterday, I was told to run the BT Speed Tester service. I followed the instructions and once again got as far as entering my telephone number. The message that came back from the website was:

Test Error
Only TAP1 tests are enabled. Please login as a TAP1 user.

I reported this to PlusNet who once again simply closed the ticket.

Frankly PlusNet are appalling now and nothing like when I first joined. Having read the comment here I am clearly not alone either. In short PlusNet are failing their customers in a big way and have completely lost their great reputation over recent months. Soon PlusNet will loose your customers too, myself included.

If anyone at PlusNet is watching, it is ticket ID: 20401475.

Thanks for listening!