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A service improvement suggestion


A service improvement suggestion

This may be slightly radical, but how about introducing the concept of customers into your business. My understanding is that the customer is the end user of a service provided in exchange for payment.

Once you have grasped this concept it might be worth considering moving on to the subject of customer service. How about a phone service that in answered or even better, an online ticketing system to raise a query and receive a prompt response?

Slightly left field I know but this is the 21st Century - I'm sure it can be achieved.

A service improvement suggestion

Oooh that is rather radical and Plusnet would have to rethink their whole support strategy. Blimey did I say strategy?

The support guys at Metronet are probably up the walls by now. I cannot even imagine the pressure that the employees must be under at this company. There are customers leaving left right and centre and I would go as far to say that Plusnet have a major crisis on their hands.

If only they had the business acumen to realise it?

So I say well done to the support team, you are doing an outstanding job in the circumstances you are being forced to work in.

If your reading this and having problems with support then try faxing them every hour and oh by the way copy plusnet in on it to their fax as well.