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A new Plustalk Problem?

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A new Plustalk Problem?

Todays issue with plustalk is a good one.

When a number is dialed eventually you get a message the person you are calling is unavailable however just before that message the phone number you are calling starts to ring with your plustalk call. Of course this isn't a complete connection because the plustalk end has already hung up!

Of course today I have also experienced the old chesnuts:-

1) The person you are calling is unavailable (when you know they are available.

2) The silent call where the call connects but no sound is transmitted from the plustalk end although sound is received.

It really is such an unreliable service and no one from plusnet seems to care except James Bailey. Where are you James?
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Re: A new Plustalk Problem?

Where are you James?

Moving house I think.
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A new Plustalk Problem?

Getting the same here.

The flakey x-lite software doesn't help.