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A few ideas and observations

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Registered: 26-09-2007

A few ideas and observations

I've been with Plusnet for 5 months now, and I've had a ticket open ever since I started for dropped connections.My connection speed started at 2mb,then continued to drop until now I have 512k.

None of this has been due to Plusnet.I live in a very rural location in Northern Scotland and as such,was very surprised when I found out that I could get broadband after many years with dialup.

Things have now been sorted out,only for the dreaded throttling to rear it's ugly head.Whilst I am unhappy at being throttled on everything that I joined Plusnet for (P2P,usernet) I can see the reasoning behind it.

I have therefore upgraded to premier in the hope that all that customer services have told me will be correct.I.E ,my service will no longer be throttled to the extent it is now(2k per sec on p2p if I'm lucky!) and I will be able to use the parts of the net that I choose.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that imho Plusnet due a pretty good job in the current marketplace for ISP services.What we are experiencing now,others will experience later.

In an ideal world,we would all be able to suck as much as we wanted through the pipe,but reality dictates otherwise.In the IT (and other businesses) you pay for what you use.Maybe the time has come for a traffic limit to be set on accounts? just imagine-a limit of 30 gb for each customer.When that's used up,you account is locked until next month.Would people leave their accounts on 24/7 then? I think not.

To close,some of you may think that I'm sucking up to Plusnet-I'm not.I've just come to a conclusion that a major change has come to ISP's in the UK and there is nothing ordinary users can do about it.Put up or shut up as someone famous once said!

Of course, the throttling back of P2P to an unuseable level (and therefore stopping mp3/movie/warez traffic) by plusnet and other ISP's is an ideal way for copyright organisations to stem the tide of media piracy....but I didn't say that!

Happy surfing (whenever you can :-) )

A few ideas and observations

there is already in place peak time limit of 30gb and monthly limit of 100gb on the 21.99 package... note thats 100gb total in the month.

The problem being that with new service such ad Video on Demmand and tv over net, these are going to eat say 30GB very quickly.

The market is in a bit of a mess atm but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Once bt gets done on there spending spree upgrading exchanges etc we may be looking at reduced BT central Costs and thus ... hopefully a largre allocation of bandwidth to P2P

As for your case. BB+ is not deisnged for p2p and its really only useable off peak on this account. its £14.99 that doesnt have a 2gb cap or whateva.... so yeh p2p not being gr8 shud be expected.... its a simple account for simple people who just use the web for browsing

Broadband premier will allow good offpeak p2p and useable onpeak useage... certinaly its not fast but 40~120K/s on a 2mbit conenction isnt terrible
its better than teh 3~4k on BB+

Just my 2pence on the matter