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A Simple speed test for p2p or usenet users


A Simple speed test for p2p or usenet users

hi this is a simple test to see if your slow d/l speed are due to conttention or problems at your exchange..

1...Start your d/l either by p2p or usenet you speeds until the average is 40k 50k etc this point go and d/l via http maybe a graphics driver etc fairly big about 25 meg or more, but still leave your p2p or usenet d/l running..

4... check the p2p or usenet speed against the http speed and add them together, ie if your p2p or usenet speed is d/l at 40k and you start the http d/l and thats only comeing down at 20k-40k or the 2 d/ls speeds combined only amount to 40k then you could have conntention or problem at the exchange..

5....if you are still d/l on p2p or usenet at 40k and can d/l at say 150k from a http site which i can do shows you that there is very little or no contteintion problems with the exchange.. my firgures i got was usnet d/l 50k and http d/l at 150k = 190k so no problems with my exchange

So why aint my usenet speeds any faster...

I guess we know that already..

but try the test and post here..