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Hi Forum folks,

Over the last days I have noticed a considerable drop in my download speeds. I haven't exceeded my monthly 'free and unlimited' £14.99 a month limitation of 4Gb either and i'm a bit stuck. Short of phoning Plusnet and enjoying their phone-in guide of their automated switchboard, I thought I'd ask for your guidance here.

I ran a couple of speed tests (Dan Elwell etc)only to find that they all agreed that my current download speed was around 125kb/sec or approx. ISDN. I am subscribing to Plusnet's 'upto 8Mb' service and would like to experience this as I could easily lob my modem out of the window and land it on the local exchange from here.
Any ideas and/ or tips?

PS: This PC is the Mothership. It's fast and there's nothing wrong with it.
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I am also on the BB+ 8MB and your lucky you getting 125Kbs this was my last test about 2 minutes ago. and they call this sutiable for a boardband service. if I was paying £5.99 a month then maybe but £14.99 come on

Your current speed is:


Which means you can download at 7.54 KB/sec. from our servers. Our results show that your current speed is below the level we would expect for your product, you may be able to increase the speed of your connection by adjusting your settings.

Thank you... and one or two other things

Dear all,

Thanks for your replies. It seems that I have just been made aware of a very large problem to do with Plusnet and it's not just me either. Plusnet use many words to describe their failures and I object to being blamed for using what I am paying for. I doubt the directors will be using public transport from now on.

I will be making (don't laugh) BBC Watchdog aware of this and I will formally request that Plusnet compensate their affected BB customers accordingly. This is clearly a breach of our contractual terms of agreement and I am not paying them for ISDN! I will not expect a massive conversation between Plusnet and myself to ensue as I have already read that they apportion the blame for them not knowing what we are doing squarely on our shoulders...due to us not telling them that our speeds had dropped to below ISDN levels...not informing them in advance that we would actually like to use our service...and it's all basically our fault for using what we are being charged for. This is nothing more than blaming us for being customers.

I urge anyone considering moving to another provider to do so immediately (see to formally request compensation for having to do so. I suggest that you do report this to their cutomer services centre so that they cannot say that they were not made aware of this. I suggest that we form a collective so that we are fairly represented and to ensure that we are not put through the Plusnet Customer Services route for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

As a former customer of Plusnet, as of tomorrow morning, I will be available on from then onward.

Yours Sincerely,