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8Mb Broadband Actual Speed


8Mb Broadband Actual Speed


Anyone else been upgraded yet? I was on 25th Jan so I'm still in my 10 day test period. My actual speed seems to average about 2.35Mb. Anyone else been checking their speed? Oh, and I think it does make a difference to browsing. I was on about 0.95Mb previously.

8Mb Broadband Actual Speed

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Lucky you for starters Smiley

There is a thread on ADSL Guide here which may interest you.

There seems to be couple of others who are experiencing the same sort of issues which you are seeing.
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8Mb Broadband Actual Speed

Hi there,

The stats we've had so far show an average connection speed of 5.7Mb for our 500 or so customers on the trial.

We're in the process of emailing out some questionnaires to customers who already have 8Mb inculding an invitation to a focus group in London to understand more about your experiences on 8Mb.

Kind regards,

8Mb Broadband Actual Speed

Thanks for that Mark. I'll have to have a look at my router settings and se what they're reporting.