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8 week wait for broadband connection


8 week wait for broadband connection

I signed up in mid July for a new broadband connection with Plusnet. 8 weeks later Plusnet have still not connected me, despite having taken my connection payment 6 weeks ago. Evil

A week after raising this with customer support I have still not been given any info as to what is happening. My account page has been sitting at "awaiting BT connection" for 6 weeks now!

I'm not even a customer yet and my overriding impression of Plusnet is of an incompetent company with appalling customer support. Do you think I should bail and ask for a refund and move to another ISP?

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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8 week wait for broadband connection

Hi Eleanor,

I'm sorry for the delay with this order, it looks like there was a problem submitting the order to BT. I've corrected the problem and the order is now in the system and should be completed by Friday.