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8.52pm 3rd Oct 2006 SLOW SLOW SLOW


8.52pm 3rd Oct 2006 SLOW SLOW SLOW

Seems things are shuddering to a halt again. I've tried disconnecting and jumping onto a different plusnaet gateway was tg1 then over to ag2 etc... played th ediscon game until got back to tg1 as there was no change speed wise with any of the others. Boooo......... i've got a 380kbps result. I'm on Max and I generally get a nice 2meg plus result ( highest ever was around 5meg )

Anyone else chugging along ?
It's been like this quite a while now.

Anything staff woul dcare to divulge re status of system etc Huh??


lucky for you ( I would normally rant on.. and on... )
Ghost Whisperer is about to come on so I'm off downstairs to watch it.

please start pulling plugs and have a go at sortin me probs ta very muchlee :lol:

8.52pm 3rd Oct 2006 SLOW SLOW SLOW

Yeah, I normally get 2MB down - hitting 300-400k most of the time at the moment. It is rather frustrating that if you get 400k then that is deemed not to be a problem. :-(
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8.52pm 3rd Oct 2006 SLOW SLOW SLOW

bleh well i got a 500kb BRAS profile that is un willing to change

been 1.3mb - 1.7mb for last 2 weeks now