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6 weeks without broadband, still being charged


6 weeks without broadband, still being charged

I moved house back on 26th June and have been waiting for PN to connect my new address ever since. Whenever I call (putting to one side that i'm normally in a queue for 2 hours and then have the phone put down on me) I am told that the issue is with BOT provisioning and they will email them for an update.

I never get these updates.

Apparently if I want to leave PN i need to pay the deferred house move charge plus give (and pay) 1 months notice. This is dispite the fact that I don't have a connection to give 1 months notice for.

When can I expect my broadband back? and/or how to I get out of this crippling and unfair contract with minimum fuss.

I came back to PN after experiencing poor service with Bulldog, BIG MISTAKE!

6 weeks without broadband, still being charged

Hi there,

BOT - Broadband operations team are a department within PlusNet - who, as the title suggests, look after broadband faults and provisioning etc.

This department in particular is well backlogged at present and may not respond as quickly as we would hope.

However the move process is fraught with difficulties and with BT being responsible for the vast majority of the work required that adds complications in itself.

What have your tickets indicated as the possible reason for the delay?
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6 weeks without broadband, still being charged

Hi magnamundian,

Have a look at my reply in another thread. I'm happy to sort this out for you if you're still looking to move the service to your new address.

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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6 weeks without broadband, still being charged


As the OP's issue is being dealt with in this thread I am locking this one to prevent further duplication and confusion.

This is one of the problems with cross posting and why it is not a good idea. Sad