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5 days and still no connection


5 days and still no connection

well internet went off wednesday night, phoned up thursday morning and went throught the usual palava.

even thou i told them i was connecting to the exchange as the line stats were showing on my router.

they put a note on the ticket on friday morning saying that they had tried a whoosh test and it was rejected by plusnet. now i got told yetsterday that this actually answered my ticket and therefore the 48-72 hours for turning round a problem started running from then not thursday morning when i actually raised the ticket.

so im waiting now for another note so the 72 hours starts again so plusnet dont have to actually do anything about getting me backonline.

now i can understand that things do take time to reslove, but not one phone call from plus net to advise me on the situation, and after waiting for over 30mins to then be dropped while listening to the fourtops was the last straw, im posative that to meet call times u have a monkey in a booth who randomly picks up lines and drops them.

one word sums up this company at the moment "pathetic"