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4mb connection


4mb connection

ok When am i going to get the connection i am paying for i mean i am paying for a 4 mb conection you charged me £14 for the regrade took my money 4 months ago ive been paying 27.99 +vat since then and guse what no 4 mb connection only 2 mb i do not want any more lies i want eather my money back or the 4 mb connection Evil

4mb connection

You'll be waiting a long time matey!
Apparently end of year if we are lucky - If I was you I would regrade back down to 2mb and save the extra money you are giving to Plusnet every month

4mb connection

Hi trec37.

You have made the same post in two different sections. not a good idea as it causes confusion.

See the reply i made in your other thread.

Hi there,

perhaps the feedback forum would have been more appropriate for this one.

You are unlikely to see speeds greater that 2mb this side of Christmas and perhaps closer to February 2006. The Bt trials are still ongoing and will continue for sometime.

You can downgrade to the 2mb Premier @ £21.99 and if you complain enough they might just let you downgrade for free.

not what you wanted to hear i'm sure, but thats the way it is.

4mb connection

Sadly you should have taken the free downgrade to 2mbit when you had the chance.. plusnet are waiting on bt to say yes you can no connect faster than 2mbit with our equipment and sadly BT are going to take their sweet time about it dont expect to get anything above 2mbit on anything other than a LLU line untill next year some time.

BT and faster ADSL replying Ivan


Personally I dont expect to see BT offering broadband speeds above 2MB's (that is a domestic 4MB's or even 8MB's service) until after xmas 2005 and that's being optimitsic, in reality I expect that its more likley to be March or even April 2006 all being well ( if the current BT trials of its MAXDSL are completed successfully).

**I wouldnt be taken in by alot of the hype & hot air talked about these potentially new services, where BT is involved its ALWAYS going to take ages because BT are a pain and never or hardly ever do things quickly.

**Yes! we'll probably get to 4MB or 8MB's eventually but only after an age of waiting for it though. Which is cold comfort when you know that France Telecoms offers an 8MB's ADSL service, plus phone calls for as little as £11 per month I believe. (Oh! yes and that available now too!! Ehhhh!!!!) if you happen to live in Paris. (obviously not available here in the UK).

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4mb connection

apparently BT have hit the news with this, there was a story run a couple of nights ago about the New speeds.

I think they WILL be here before christmas... just not much before it lol
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4mb connection

I've locked the thread in the Ideas and Suggestions forum in favour of this one. I ave also appended Mark's reply from the other thread, to his reply in this thread (hope you dont mind Mark, feel free to edit!).

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