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4MEG/Option 2 Package Policies no clear?

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Registered: 13-08-2007

4MEG/Option 2 Package Policies no clear?


right i have seen threads upon threads of this in the forum and i looked through them many of times and got the idea that on my 4meg option i get 150gb a month with only 15gb peak time.

After reading an annoucement i gathered that i now get unlimited usage when off peak, however not too sure about P2P though.

Usage outside of the 4PM – Midnight peak period will not be counted towards any allowance, and off peak SUP will be removed completely. During off-peak periods where the network is running at capacity Premier Customers will receive a priority on our network appropriate to their account option.

Premier customers will be provided with a PlusTalk anytime package.

Am i right in thinking there is no cap for off peak usage and also how do i set up this plustalk?


4MEG/Option 2 Package Policies no clear?

Hi threezone,

You would be right in thinking there is no set limit for off peak. Dont think though that this means that you may download the net in an evening or even month. All this allows Plusnet to do is alter the level at which management starts on the account depending on the network load as a whole.

If you go into "Account Details" on the left menu you should see a link for Plustalk there Wink