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45 day PlusNet Guarantee confused???


45 day PlusNet Guarantee confused???

Hey all just a quick question i need some help on

I signed up for PN on the 03/08/05 and the service was then activated on 10/08/05,not being happy with the service i raised a ticket to requested a migration under PlusNet Guarantee on the 16/09/05(38 days after activation)got a phoncall on sunday the 18/09/05 and my MAC key was sent via email later that day and then PN took payment for my deferred activation fee.....on the 21/09/05 i signed up with F2S and was told my service would be migrated on the 30/09/ as my billing date is the 10th of the month i re-raised my MAC ticket to ask if i could get a refund for the 10 days post migration service that id payed for but would not receive this is what i got back from CS

"Unfortunetly as per terms and conditions when migrating you will need give 30 days notice, any invoice date within that period will need to be paid in full as we do not give part refunds nor take part payments im afraid."

I posted this back to my ticket

"Ok no refund for the time you will not be servicing me but this migration it being carried out under my/your 45day PlusNet Guarantee therefore i will not have to give any 30day notice for this migration"

and got this back

"This offer applies only if you are a new PlusNet customer
This offer applies to customers who decide to"migrate out" their service.
You must tell us within 45 days of your service being activated if you wish to take advantage of this offer.
The date at which your contract ends will be 30 days from the date we confirm receipt of your request to migrate. We will waive any outstanding service contract term. However customers will still be required to pay any deferred hardware/activation costs outstanding.
We will pay the lesser of:
£12.99 (Inc. VAT), or
the cost charged by your new provider for carrying out the migration.
The money will only be paid upon production of an invoice from your new provider for the migration fee. This must be produced within the 3 months following the end of your contract with us through Contact Us.
You are responsible for ensuring that we have valid credit/debit card details, in order for us to process your payment.
We reserve the right to vary the Terms and Conditions of the offer. We similarly reserve the right to terminate the offer. Any such changes will normally be announced through our Announcements section available from the Service Status page of our Portal website.
This offer is not open to resellers of any of PlusNet plc's services or accounts provided by those resellers.
All of our standard Terms & Conditions apply, and take precedence over these terms where there may be a conflict.
This offer does not affect your statutory rights."

Im a little confused here im payed up till the 10/10/05 and my service will be migated on the 30/09/05 are PN now telling me that because i requested my migration on the 16/09/05 (well within the 45 day window )that i also need to pay them for the billing month of 10/10/05 to 10/11/05 when they wont even be my provider?

humm im a little confused the

"This offer applies only if you are a new PlusNet customer This offer applies to customers who decide to"migrate out" their service. You must tell us within 45 days of your service being activated if you wish to take advantage of this offer. "

part that was quoted back at me is a little strange as any one with basic maths can see that i requested my MAC within my Guarantee's 45 day window...

can anyone here shed some light on this for me as CS dont seem to beable to even addup...

45 day PlusNet Guarantee confused???

Just within my 45 days as well and trying to figure out how much it will cost. From other threads it would appear plusnet can get 59 days money out of you if you don't time it right. The best day to request your mac would be on the billing day or the day before by the look of it.

It seems as though the 'With nothing to lose, why not try us today?'
message is not entirely accurate.

Shame really the connection is good but the confusion among staff is really starting to get to people.

There is a thread about notice to quit here.

and here

45 day PlusNet Guarantee confused???

Biggest con about it is only Metronet ( AFAIK ) charge for inward migrations...... So unless you are going to them it wont cost +net a penny anyway......

45 day PlusNet Guarantee confused???

There are plenty of providers that charge for migration. Just to name a few:

AOL if you don't have a supported modem

This is not an extensive list.
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45 day PlusNet Guarantee confused???

mailgizmo - I've amended your ticket.

45 day PlusNet Guarantee confused???

OK all fixed now Wink

A Big thanks to Ben Brown for the update and quick resolution of this issue,ive now closed this ticket and will be migrating to f2s on the 30th,again im sorry for the tone of my posts and replys to my ticket,its also nice to know that the CS rep who replyed to my ticket will be informed about there oversight and poor handling of this issue

Thanks again